Integral to our flooring rental services lies an unwavering commitment to quality, safety, durability, and comfort. Across our diverse range of portable floor options, we deliver a superior life-cycle, marked by low maintenance and exceptional stain resistance. Our products adhere rigorously to commercial flammability codes and a comprehensive array of safety standards, ensuring not only a visually appealing and functional flooring solution but also one that prioritizes the well-being and security of all users.

Flame Resistant

Flame resistant

Connecta-Floor has a high flame resistance with low smoke emission.

Fire classification DIN 4102 Flame retardant B1

Stain Resistant

Stain resistant

Connecta-Floor is stain resistant to the toughest most common “eventing” stains such as tea, coffee, wine and lipstick.

EN 438.2.15 Rating 5 (No effect)



Connecta-floor’s ‘Connecta-ramps’ are easy to attach, improves the safety of the flooring and finished in bronze or epoxy. The ramp at a 13″ incline provides safe access.

The 13 degree finishing ramp is wheelchair friendly and provides safe access



Easy, user-friendly lay-in (or drop in) cable reticulation. Power channels available on request

Cables run in tamper resistant channels, The flooring panel is protected by an aluminum framework.