Weddings in 2020

black and white dance floor

It is likely that weddings for the remainder of 2020 will look different, be downscaled and become more intimate affairs. With this in mind couples must be prepared to adjust their expectations as we experience Covid-19 restrictions countrywide.

If you are planning a wedding in the next 12 months, consider the following:

  • You will need to implement safety procedures for guests: thermometer scans, masks, sanitizing stations and produce guest records.
  • Let guest know what health and safety precautions you are taking; make a wedding website that you can regularly update with this information.
  • Understand that travel restrictions and fear mean that fewer people will attend.
  • Plan your wedding closer to home
  • Limit your guest list
  • Consider a virtual wedding for elderly guests.
  • Implement social distancing at wedding, with seat plans and large dance floors
  • Economic hard ships will force many smaller venues and service providers to close down. Be selective, choose reliable venues and service providers that will be able to withstand the financial contraction the industry is experiencing.

Let us not forget that the purpose of a wedding is to be a public declaration of commitment and enduring love, and it’s hard to imagine a more powerful testament to the durability of two people’s bond than the story of how they survived a pandemic together.

Small wedding ceremonies could become more common not just for health reasons, but because cosiness and intimacy might organically become trendy. Especially when many South Africans are financially struggling, the requirement to hold smaller, simpler, cheaper weddings could come as a relief.

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Terms and conditions:
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